​On April 18, 2024, the Program filed 2 administrative regulations which provide how medical cannabis businesses can apply to become licensed in the Commonwealth. These regulations take effect immediately, which allows individuals and businesses to apply for cannabis business licenses beginning July 1, 2024. Please review the notice of initial cannabis business license application availability here​. 

You can learn more about the application and licensing regulations below or review the regulations here

​On January 4, 2024, the Program filed 10 ordinary regulations governing medical cannabis business operations. The regulations provide rules for cultivators, processors, producers, dispensaries, and safety compliance facilities that will operate in the Commonwealth. These new rules also provide how medical cannabis products will be packaged, labeled, transported, advertised, and tested. You can find them here​.

For information regarding the ordinary regulation process and the emergency regulation process, please click here.

The Program has provided a Business Licensing Application Guide below to assist prospective cannabis businesses through the license application process. This guide provides a general overview of the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program business licensing structure and process, in addition to step-by-step guidance on how to submit a business license application through the Program's online portal. This guide is intended to be used by prospective medical cannabis business license applicants when preparing and submitting a license application.​​ 

Licensing Structure and Application Process

The application portal for medical cannabis businesses will open on July 1, 2024. 


Please visit How to Apply​ for additional information regarding the license structure and application process.​​​

License Types and Fees

The Program will be issuing the following initial licenses:


​The Program will be requiring the following sufficient capital for each cannabis business license application:​

The Program has eleven medical cannabis regions for licensing dispensaries:


You can also find a PDF version of the map here​​.

The Program will be requiring the following application, initial licensing, and renewal fees:


Understanding the Lottery Process

The Program will issue its initial allocation of medical cannabis business licenses using a lottery. A lottery is the most fair and transparent method for allocating medical cannabis business licenses in the Commonwealth.

It is important to remember that the Program will only conduct a lottery when the number of eligible​ applicants exceeds the initial license allocation for the business category.

After the Program reviews a business application, and if the application is determined complete by the Program, the business application will be entered into a licensing lottery for the selected cannabis business category if a lottery is necessary.

The Program will not be issuing Safety Compliance Facilities licenses by lottery, becuase there is no initial limitation on the number of Safety Compliance Facility licenses. 

For more information about the specific requirements and restrictions for cannabis businesses, please click here

Review the resources below to learn more: