Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup

Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup

​​​​​​​​​​​​Medical Cannabis Workgroup​

The Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup was established on Oct. 5, 2023 by Governor Beshear through Executive Order 2023-600. You can find the full executive order here​.

​The workgroup is comprised of members who have relevant experience in health care, education, and workforce, law enforcement, agriculture and economic development, and local government.

The purpose of the workgroup is to study evolving medical cannabis industry policy and the state of medical cannabis policy in the Commonwealth in order to make recommendations to the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program and other state agencies on emerging best practices.

The workgroup will deliver ongoing recommendations on legislative, regulatory, or policy changes necessary to ensure Kentucky patient cardholders and caregiver​s have safe access to affordable medical cannabis products.

The Current Workgroup

​ ​​​​​

This is an image of Eric Friedlander.

Eric Friedlander

SecretaryCabinet for Health and Family Services ​

This is an image of Sec. Jamie Link

Jamie Link

SecretaryEducation and Labor Cabinet

This is an image of Sec. Noel.

Jeff Noel

SecretaryCabinet for Economic Development

This is an image of Phillip Burnett

Colonel Phillip Burnett Jr.

CommissionerKentucky State Police ​

This is an image of Marni Gibson

Marni Gibson

Acting CommissionerDepartment of Financial Institutions ​

This is an image of Com. Miller

Thomas Miller

CommissionerDepartment of Revenue

This is an image of Ashton McKenzie.

Ashton McKenzie

Commonwealth's Attorney21st Judicial Circuit

This is an image of Michael Mueller.

Michael Mueller

Franklin County Judge ExecutiveLocal Government Representative ​

This is an image of Dorsey Ridley.

Dorsey Ridley

Agribusiness Representative ​

Ashley Smith

Agribusiness Representative

This is an image of Jonathan Hatton.

Jonathan Hatton

Licensed Kentucky Physician ​

This is an image of Julie Cantwell.

Julie Cantwell

Healthcare Advocate

​Workgroup Subcommittees

Workforce Development Subcommittee
  • Eric Friedlander
  • Jamie Link 
  • Jeff Noel 
  • Michael Mueller
  • Dorsey Ridley 

Local Government and Law Enforcement Subcommittee
  • Eric Friedlander
  • Phillip Burnet Jr. 
  • Ashton McKenzie ​
  • Michael Mueller 
  • Ashley Smith 

Agriculture and Economic Development Subcommittee
  • Eric Friedlander 
  • Jeff Noel 
  • Marni Gibson 
  • Thomas Miller 
  • Dorsey Ridley 
  • Ashley Smith 

Healthcare Subcommittee
  • Eric Friedlander 
  • Jonathan Hatton 
  • Julie Cantwell 

Meetings and Materials

​​October 19, 2023 Regular Meeting​


​​​​​​​November 28, 2023 Healthcare Subcommittee Meeting

​Decmeber 5, 2023 Special Meeting

January 24, 2024 Regular Meeting

March 7, 2024 Workforce Development Subcommittee Meeting

March 26, 2024 Regular Meeting

April 16, 2024 Local Government and Law Enforcement Subcommittee Meeting

April 19, 2024 Regular Meeting

July 24, 2024 Regular Meeting

October 23, 2024 Regular Meeting